Pentti Rasinkangas

Pentti Rasinkangas, born in 1955, is a Finnish singer-songwriter for children's music. He has professionally performed for children and families since 1980. His band, Ohilyönti, performs 100-200 shows per year in schools, day-care centers and concerts. They have released 12 albums and a live DVD.

Rasinkangas makes energic and clever rhythm music with ethnic influences. His music has something to offer for everyone. Although it's made especially for children, also grownups can enjoy the cathcy melodies and message-filled lyrics.

During his long career, Rasinkangas and his music has been recognized with many different awards such as The State Prize for Children's Culture in 1995. His songs have been translated into many different languages and he has also composed music for TV-shows, plays and movies. To listen to some of Rasinkangas' songs, click here.

Contact: pentti(at)